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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Raul Villalba

Raul Villalba Raul Villalba a man on a life long journey of photographic art and expression...

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Raul Villalba began his artistic immersion into the realm of photography at the age of 17 when he picked up an old camera and never put it back down.

His unwavering commitment to his art set him on an extraordinary journey of self-mastery in the fields of publicity, portraits, book jackets, book illustrations, fashion, album covers and later CD, DVD covers, poetry, fairy tales, literature for numerous prominent publishers in Argentina.

Raul’s creative awakening caused him to continually delve deeper into self-discovery and developing his own unorthodox methods and technics that gives his work a unique distinguishing style and essence. In time, this would become his signature trade mark and would transform Raul Villalba into one of the most acclaimed and internationally renowned photographic artist of our times.

As popularity in both his art and commercial works grew , Raul began his expansion into his art by way of international competitions, expos, gallery showings, artist salons worldwide making him the recipient of countless national and international gold, silver and bronze medals and photographic awards from countries such as Brazil, France, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, South Africa, Ukraine, etc
Among some of the most noteworthy prizes awarded to Raul Villalba was the prestige World Cup of Bienal De Reims France in 1983 and most recently in 2008 the Grand Prix Trophy Victory- Hauptpresitrager Super Circuit Austria.

Raul Villalba continues to create and exhibit his award winning art internatinally.

Raul Villalba continues to hold International Workships in Argentina and Spain.

Partial List of most recent Medals and Awards of Raul Villalba :

2011 : Hauptpresitrager

Gold Medals / FIAP – Salon 1 – “ The Enchanted Prince”
Silver Medal / Medaillenge Winner – Salon 1 – “ The Big Storm”

2011: Salon Circuit of Art Photograhpy – “Solitud”
2011: Silver Medal / FIAP – International Federation of Photographic Art / Ukraine / “With love to Women”
2011: Gold Medal/FIAP – 47 Salao Jauanense International de Arte Fotografico / Brazil/ “La Gran Tormenta”

2010 – Semifinalist - Hasselbald Masters Competition

2009 : Hauptpresitrager
Gold Medal / VOAV – Salon 3 - ”Cry, man, Cry”
Silver Medal / VOAV – Salon 3 - “Dance”
Gold Medal/VOAV – Salon 2 -”Winter”
Silver Medal / Medaillenge Winner – Monocrome Prints - Salon 1 –“Cry, man, cry”
Gold Silver / Experimental Print – Salon 1 –“ Winds of Freedom”

2008: Hauptpresitrager
Grand Prix Trophy Victoria – Top Award
Gold Medal / PSA EX – Best in Show -
Gold Medal/FIAP – Salon 1 – “The Fairy in her World”
Silver Medal/VOAV – Salon 3 –”Angles in Love “
Gold Medal / Medaillenge Winner – Salon 1 – “Dancing with Freedom”

2007 : Hauptprestrager
Silver Medal /VOAV – Salon 3 – ”Venus of the Sea”
Gold Medal – Salon 2 – Colour Print –“Tango in the Night”
Bronze Medal – Salon 3 – Monocrome Prints - “Freedom”
Silver Medal – Salon 3 – Colour Prints General - “The Venus of the Sea”
Gold Medal – Series & Consequences – “Wild Tango”
Gold Medal – Nude – “The Rest”

2006 : Hauptprestrager
Silver Medal / VOAV - Salon 3 – “Cheek to Cheek”
Gold Medal - Salon 3 – Color Print - “ Cheek to Cheek”
Gold Medal - Salon 3 – Colour Slide/Digital Images General - “Maiden of Wood ”
Bronze Medal - Salon 3 – Experimental Photography –“El Obervador” (The Observer)
Gold Medal – Communication – “Cheek to Cheek”

2003-Golden FIAP Medal y Bronze Medal - Super Circuit Austria
2003-Silver Medal - Salón Internacional Foto Club Buenos Aires
2003-Medalla de Honor Salón FAF 2003.

1985-Medalla de Oro Salón Internacional Virton(Bélgica)

1984-Tercer Premio Salón Internacional Foto Club Argentino
1984-Primer Premio Salón Internacional Foto Club Esch. Luxemburgo)
1984-Medalla de Plata en Salón Internacional Virton(Bélgica)

1983-Medalla de Honor 7° Salón Internacional de Pretoria (Sud Africa)
1983-Medalla de Honor Salón Internacional de Bagnole (Mar Coulle)(Francia)
1983- Copa del Mundo - Primer Premio Medalla de Plata / FIAP Bienal Internacional en Reims (Francia)
1983-Mención de Honor del Salón Internacional del Foto Club de Buenos Aires.
1983-Mencion de Honor (Forth Elizabeth Sud Africa)
1983-Eatscape Ribbon (18°Eastcape International Salon of Photography 1983 Sud Africa)
1983-Mención de Honor (20° Challenge du Photo Club Esch. Luxemburgo)
1983-Mención de Honor Salón Internacional F.C.Argentina.
1983-Medalla de Honor Golden 1°Inter. Foto Salón Denmark Dinamarca)
1983-Segundo Premio XIX Salón Jouense (Brasil) Salón Internacional.
1983-Tres Menciones de Honor (KTF)Venus 83 (Polonia)Salón Internacional
1983-Tercer Premio Salón Mondial D Art Photo Graphique Delta

1982-Primer Premio Salón Anual Foto Club Marina.
1982-Primer Premio Bienal Photo Coop.
1982-Special Fiap Prize Bienal de Turín (Italia)
1982-Tercer Premio 39 Salón Internacional de South Africa
1982-Medalla de Honor Internacional Foto Club Perugia(Italia)
1982-Medalla de Honor Foto Club Bandeirantes(Brasil)
1982-Tercer Premio Foto Club Mecseki(Woman)(Hungria)
1982-Certificado al Merito Salón Internacional de Malasia

1977-Primer Premio XVI Salón Anual Foto Club Olavarria
1977-Medalla de Honor Salón F.A.F
1977-Primer Premio IV Salón Nacional del Ministerio de Cultura

1978-Gran Premio de Honor Salas Nacionales del Ministerio de Cultura

1979-Medalla de Honor FAF
1979-Primer Premio I Salón de Fotografía Sobre el Tema: La Música.